Vincent Van Gogh at Anvers

After spending two years in the countries of Nuenen, Vincent needed to go back to town and the museums.
“I am glad I went away, I feel so happy to have a little nest to work in when the weather is bad. The park also is nice. Getting bored won’t be easy.”
He discovers a basic law of drawing: “Greeks don’t start from the outline, they start from the middles, from the kernels”.
He attends the lessons of the Verlat workshop, and often goes to various artists’ clubs.
He tries to improve his method and turn his palette to lighter shades.
Even if he ends up criticizing the “mechanical” training which was given to him in Anvers, Vincent van Gogh found the “clash of ideas” he was looking for, but now, it was in Paris and to the Cormon workshop that he wished to go.