Vincent Van Gogh : Dire straits


Money is a problem in the family. Lack of money. Vincent’s father, a small minister from remote regions, earned little money, and bitterly discussed his wages before accepting a new post. His five children, cleaning women …This meant he had to face money problems all his life. He urged his children to work at an early age: Vincent at 16, Theo at 15, Anna was sent to England to earn a living.
Except for the time when he was a salaried employee at Goupil’s, Vincent always ran out of money. Despite the agreement with Theo, (money for canvas ) he lived in extreme poverty almost all his life.
However, the monthly instalment of 150F sent by Theo amounted to a postal worker’s salary, for example, who had a family to feed.
What did he do with the money? The canvas, colours and models he couldn’t live without…to the detriment of his meals (sour apples, rye bread, potatoes…)
In Nuenen, Vincent can’t stand being his brother’s protégé anymore. When everyone questioned him about what he lived on,Vincent would have liked to say he was living on his paintings. That’s why he asks Theo to agree that he will send him all his works in return for money he receives from him. From this moment, he will send Theo all his works.