Vincent Van Gogh : Carrel Hotel-restaurant

Arrived in Arles, he settled in that hotel-restaurant where he soon complained about the food. He asks for simple things but is turned down. “ Cooking potatoes is far from being a difficult task”. He’s lent a terrace which he uses as a workshop. The restaurant owner, arguing that he uses more room than the other residents,wants to increase the amount of his rent (5F).
Around the end of April, he argues with them and refuses to pay the demanded sum. He won’t be able to pick up his things, unless he pays the total amount of the bill, but he lodges a complaint with the Judge.
Two weeks later, the Judge obtains that 12F be given back to him, and reproaches the hotelkeeper with refusing to give him back his things.
Back from the Court, the hotelkeeper will apologize to him.
Vincent rents the Yellow House which he will use as a workshop and lives at the Café de la gare run by the Ginoux family of whom he will make numerous portraits.
He has his meals at Mme Venissac’s and is quite satisfied.