Vincent Van Gogh : Zundert Protestant community

When Vincent's father arrived in Zundert, the Protestant community was made up of 114 believers. It was a very poor and united small community, made up of small farmers and a few notables for the most part. Then the number of Protestants rapidly decreased from 114 in 1854 to 64 in 1867. During his life in Zundert, Dorus had to fight to help the most impoverished. He represented the "Societe du Bien-Etre", which he called upon most of the time. To extend the community, he helped to accommodate large Protestant families in farms bought by the association. With the meagre donations collected at the church, and the help of a few notables, he distributed  bread, oats and beans to the poorest. For 22 years, Dorus managed to maintain this community who was in danger and helped it thrive. Some Protestant families arrived and strengthened this community.