Vincent Van Gogh : The cut ear event

After numerous tensions and quarrels about painting, on the walk of life, etc., Gauguin decided to back to Paris.
A few days before, after a conversation during which Vincent had thrown his drink of absinthe to his face, Gauguin had announced his departure to Theo, but as Vincent had apologized on the following day, he had decided to wait a little.
The crisis after Montpellier would be decisive, all the more as Gauguin learned that his friend Schffeneker would greet him at his home in Paris.
The imminence of his departure infuriated Vincent whose dream of creating an artists’ community was doomed to fail and triggered off a serious fit during which he cut a bit of his ear.
Having lost much blood and being the prey of visions, (voices reproaching him things), he was taken to hospital for a fortnight.
Though he was thought to be lost, he quickly recovered and was allowed to go back home on January 7th.
Though he suffered from insomnia, he set back to work little by little, and resumed painting. He was supported by Doctor Rey who carefully took care of him and above all by the postman Roulin’s friendship, who was to leave Arles on January 21st, moved to a new post in Marseille.