Vincent Van Gogh and Joseph Ginoux

We wish we hadn’t found Joseph Ginoux’s signature in the petition and the statement of offence against Vincent.
Though his account seemed forced and added nothing to the other complaints, Joseph Ginoux was the fifth witness for the prosecution cross-examined by the French Police. .
Still, a few days before the petition Ginoux had told Pastor Salles that Vincent drank with moderation- just the opposite of what was said in the petition…
An incorrigible hypocrite, or an impressionable personality?
Vincent stayed at his home several months, painted his café (Café de Nuit), made several portraits of his wife and himself.
He always trusted in his friendship and never knew, or so it seemed, about his betrayal.
From Auvers he wrote to his wife (with whom he seemed to be closer) and sent them his best regards. Mme Ginoux had sent him olive preserves which he loved. The last time he went to Arles, he had taken with him a painting that he wanted to offer her.