Vincent Van Gogh at Goupil's Gallery

Adolphe Goupil

The Goupil firm is an important art gallery in Paris which owned several branches in London, Brussels, and which would buy back the La Haye art gallery belonging to Vincent's uncle. Specializing in the sale of works of art, it also publishes lithographs and photos. Vincent first worked in La Haye where he stayed four years before being moved to London. Following his unhappy love affair in London, he is moved for good to Paris where he will stay one more year. As he is unable to recover from his deep depression, he will be laid off. The Goupil gallery in La Haye organized important exhibits, with famous painters, it defended the painters belonging to the La Haye school such as Mauve, Israels, Maris... but had scant regard for the emerging new trends in art. Vincent met numerous painters there and learnt a lot about art, even if he "deplored the tastes of uncultivated customers".