Vincent Van Gogh : Governesses

There were always two governesses at the van Goghs'. One for the housework, and one for the children. Probably a lot of governesses succeeded one another. We know some of them. Anna Birnie was hired on May 2nd 1864 to look after the children. She was 17 and had to give lessons to Vincent until his departure  to Zevenberger on October 1st 1864. Anke Maria Schuil followed her. She also was 17 when she started, and she probably saw to Vincent's education when he came back from Tilburg. Still another one, Woutje, spent a lot of time at their home, and even followed them to Helvoirt. She didn't live with them, contrary to most of the others who lived in the house.

At last, Mietje, who lived one year and a half at their home, would declare: "of all the van Gogh children", it was Vincent she liked the least. She thought he was "strange, taciturn", and "didn't think he had skills". When the youngest child was born, Cor, an extra bedroom was added upstairs to accommodate a new governess.