Vincent Van Gogh : Japanese engravings












Copy by Vincent

Japanese engravings

Vincent is mesmerized with the Japanese engravings that he discovers in Anvers.
Hiroschige, Hokukai and Reisei are his favourite three painters. Vincent admires their simple compositions and the freshness which pervades those bright shades and pure colour “aplats”.
Japonism is one of his main sources of inspiration. He will become a devoted collector and will organize the first French (European?) exhibition of Japanese engravings at the Tambourin cabaret in Paris.
That exhibition will be a financial failure but will influence many young painters at the Cormon workshop.
Vincent will go on increasing his collection permanently, by going to the “Bing’s attic”, an artdealer from the Far East and will receive hundreds and hundreds of Japanese crepe papers in return.
In Paris as in Arles, he will decorate his bedroom and his workshop with Japanese engravings. He wil make many copies of them.