Vincent Van Gogh and Kee Voss

A cousin by marriage, just widowed, who was by her husband’s side during his agony, and came to Etten to rest with her young son.
She took a liking to Vincent, she would go for walks with him and stay with him while he was drawing in the fields.
Vincent fell madly in love with her and would not get through her refusal when he proposed to her. He would never accept that “never, never in my life” to which he opposed “she or no other”.
Kee left Etten on the very evening he proposed to her and would never want to see him again. After numerous letters that she didn’t read, Vincent tried to see her again at her family’s in La Haye. He put his hand on the flame of a candle, and asks to be allowed to see Kee no longer then the time he kept his hand in the flame. The candle was quickly blown and he was driven back to his hotel.
His parents resented his behaviour and his hopeless tenacity.