Anna-Cornelia Carbentus Van Gogh

Vincent's mother was born in La Haye, she was the second of nine children. Her father Wilhem Carbentus was a famous binder - he bound the first constitution of Holland. She lost her mother when she was 16 and had to take care of her numerous brothers and sisters. At 30, she gets married with Dorus van Gogh who was two years younger than her. She was the second in the family who got married a van Gogh. Her sister Cornelia, who was ten years younger, had married Vincent, Dorus's elder brother. It must have been really trying to go from the city of La Haye to the small village of Zundert. She had to leave her native city, her friends, her background. She had her first child at 31 years old. Anna is described as kind and mild, virtuous, devout, reserved, dedicating her life to her family. "She was a cheerful, lively woman, an excellent wife who helped her husband to create a peaceful and secure atmosphere". According to Jo (Theo's wife), "the mother deeply loved nature, she knew how to express her feelings through writing. Her hands were always working for the others. She was brave, energetic and strong. Her eyes were piercing, "uunwavering". Vincent later described her as "complicated and difficult": "I am sure that mother has very deep thoughts for her inner self is so complicated with such profound layers... That is why she neither can or wants to speak".