Vincent Van Gogh at Nuenen

Though he wasn’t welcomed in his family in Nuenen, a small village in the South of Eindoven, Vincent would eventually be accepted and would spend two years there.
After a period of family tensions, Vincent knew how to be useful by taking care of his mother who had just broke her hip.
He felt alright in Nuenen, as he used to see Margo, a neighbour who often visited his mother.
Margo, who was much older than him, was madly in love.
They went for long walks, and thought of getting married. But Margo’s family wouldn’t hear of that union and would violently oppose to it.
Desperate, overwhelmed by her sisters, Margo tried to commit suicide.
Vincent was once more at war with his family and his circle. He’s not well thought of because of his looks and manners and would have to leave the family house to go and live in the workshop he had rented to the Catholic sexton Schaffrat.