Vincent Van Gogh : The blooming orchards

After an endless winter, Vincent dazzingly discovers the blooming orchards at spring.
He will devote more than two months to them: apricot-trees, almond-trees, prune-trees, peach-trees…will give him “the eagerness to work”, “I feel like painting a tremendously joyful Provence orchard”.
At last he finds the magnificent nature that he was looking for and feels better: “ I had worked on a “toile de 20” in the open in an orchard, a ploughed lilas field, a reed fence, two pink peach-trees against a glorious white and blue sky. Probably the best landscape I’ve ever done”. (canvas inspired by Mauve’s death)
He is very happy with his orchards, which “ are part of a little series with the pont de l’Anglais (bridge of the English man)”
Moreover, “the blooming orchards are patterns which are likely to be sold or swapped” and then, addressing Theo : “ the season of the blooming orchards is so ephemeral, and you know that these patterns are those which enlighten everyone”.
It’s hot, but he works “ with fewer difficulties in the heat than at spring”…
As the season was coming to an end, Vincent thought of getting ready “for a new country, that of the vineyards. And between the two, I would like to make some seasides. The orchards represented pink and white, the wheat yellow, the seasides blue”.