Vincent Van Gogh at Ravoux's Inn

It was at the Ravoux inn , near the station, that Vincent decided to settle down. According to Adeline, the innkeeper’s daughter, Vincent was always on time to take his meals. He would go out in the morning very early, came back at midday, painted a little in the shed, then went out again. At eight o’clock, he was back for dinner, then went back to his bedroom to read or write.
Unlike other inns, he didn’t complain about the food, and seemed to get on well with the innkeeper, the customers, and the other artists. Ravoux didn’t seem to know Vincent’s past, and kindly greeted him –the village had been used to receiving painters since Daubigny. He allowed him to paint Adeline’s portrait and would be sorry to hear about Vincent’s suicide. He would call Doctor Gachet at Vincent’s bedside, then Doctor Mazery, Doctor of the village and watched Vincent for a part of the night.