Vincent Van Gogh history

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You were growing rich. You worked much, but you found time to read and to go walking. You met painters and works of art. You were amazed at your discoveries of the greatest artists but you were also curious about new trends. You were sharpening  your eye and your mind. You are going for walks and feel like drawing. You would go to Scheveningen, a beautiful beach a few kilometers away from La Haye. You are happy, relaxed. You don’t want to leave La Haye, where you were able to build up something and become someone to the world. You like this town and its museums. In August 72, Theo visited you. You spent “pleasant days” together, and saw “many a thing”. You had just met again an interesting, intelligent, inquiring-minded, mature for his fifteen years old brother. You enjoyed talking. He liked listening to you. You recognised the child who was following you through Zundert’s fields. The true beginning of your rich correspondence...
He followed in your wake. He had just been moved to Brussels. You support him. You teach him how to look at things and appreciate them. You tell him about your tastes, your recent discoveries, the books you read...
Actually, you loved reading, the classic works as the modern... You thank life. You make presents to your family.
Engravings, prints... You send them a proportion of your salary to help them. The only time when you weren’t running out of money, when you had “more than was necessary” to you.
You are happier than ever, enthusiastic. You tell Theo he should “smoke a pipe” because “it’s a cure for the blues”.
The blues you have when you write to him. Because you had just learnt about your transfer to London.
The Goupil gallery is expanding, and you are sent to its London branch.
 You are sad to leave La Haye where you  spent four years. You realize “how much you have grown fond of this town”... “You can’t imagine how kind everybody is with me, and you can guess how sad I am to leave so many friends”...